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ALL our walks lead along fieldroads, ancient footpaths and donkey paths, partly cross-country.
EACH walk has its own character regarding scenery, views, vegetation, places of interest, coffee stop and taverna after the walk.

There is also a Summer programme.

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Footprints Description

Daily Walks Routes 2020

Footprints  Monday
A pleasant walk in the area of Pikris and Amnatos.
The entire route is a tour of the Cretan flora, passing through lush and hilly landscapes filled with oaks, cypresses, olive and carob trees.
We may also enjoy many fragrant shrubs like thyme, myrtle, laurel and oregano.  
Footprints  Tuesday
This walk takes us to the surroundings of Kaloniktis and Saitoures, villages of inland Crete which have kept their own character. We walk on field roads and old footpaths, sometimes with wide views all around.
An area of natural beauty and colourful vegetation!  
Footprints  Wednesday
The village of Argiroupoli was built on the site of the ancient settlement of Lappa and is known for its many wells and springs.
We pass a Roman mosaic floor and on our way we will see lush vegetation, rock cut graves from the Roman period and an ancient plane tree at a cool well.  
Footprints  Thursday
The interesting geology of the landscape, beautiful nature and magnificient views of the surrounding mountains make this a rewarding walk around Kare. Fossils of large shells bear witness to the ancient past, when Crete lay under the sea.
In spring there is an abundance of flowers and orchids.  
Footprints  Friday
We walk through olive groves and via a shady dirt road towards Prasses, where we have a view of the imposing cliffs of the Prassano Gorge. Shall we see vultures setting off from their inaccessible caves?
Passing through a gorgeous green valley with refreshing wells we reach the village of Chromonasteri.  
Footprints  Saturday
Four typical villages, nature in all its variety and breathtaking views of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori); these are the main ingredients of this beautiful walk.
Halfway, we make a coffee stop in an authentic 'kafeneion' and we also visit a Byzantine church with frescoes.

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